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The Final Clear Out – Full Moon in Cancer + Lunar Eclipse

Wait…2019 isn’t quite over? Good Lawd.

On Friday, January 10th at 2:21 PM EST, we welcome our first Full Moon of 2020. Occurring in the watery sign of Cancer, this Full Moon also marks our first Lunar Eclipse of the decade – making this an intense transitional period for us all. It’s time for one last purge of karmic debris from 2019 to make way and clear for 2020. Yes, this past year isn’t *quite* over yet. But let intuition be your guide and lean into your emotions over the next few days. There may be tears, arguments, and storms but ultimately, it’s for our highest good. Let’s dive deeper into what else this Full Moon brings.

Full Moon in Cancer – Looking at Relationships

In astrology, Cancer is the “Mother” sign of the zodiac. It’s caring, intuitive, and overflowing with protective compassion. And when Cancer meets the Full Moon, we receive a double dose of Feminine energy asking us to heal our inner world. Expect emotions to be running high – for you and others. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you wade through these waters. It’s important now to take time to feel, understand, and become a master of your emotions. This energy also has the potential to heal some of the rifts that have divided people over the past few months. Since Cancer is the nurturer of the signs, it reminds us that the wisdom of the heart is far more potent than games of the ego. 

The Crab also urges us to look at where we are ignoring or sacrificing our own truth in order to satisfy the needs of others. For instance, are you working a job you’re not passionate about? Or staying in stagnant or unhealthy relationships to avoid being alone? Stop settling and take ownership of the choices you’ve made concerning relationships. Where are you allowing others to drain your energy? Where do you need to draw boundaries? Spend your time with the people who energize and inspire you instead.

Full Moons are about releasing that which is no longer working in your life. If you don’t feel good after spending time with certain people, take a break from them and reevaluate. If you have trouble finding an outfit to wear every day, declutter your closet to make space for new clothes. Now is the time to clear away what’s no longer needed or in alignment – both emotionally and physically. 

Lunar Eclipse – The Personal Magnifying Glass

Lunar eclipses magnify the things that need to be released under the Full Moon. They bring our attention internally to the shifts we want to make within ourselves – to “clip” them out our life. The first Lunar eclipse of the decade will help you establish positive changes that will impact the next 10 years of your life. This is a powerful time to confront any self-limiting beliefs or negative-thinking behaviors that are preventing you from moving forward.

This Eclipse Season is bringing in a lot of change and insight so having a calming place to rest and reflect is imperative. Give yourself quiet time to process and integrate these shifts. This lunar eclipse will bring vast illumination and you will no longer be able to skirt around issues where you’ve been denying your truth. Put your energy and focus where it’s needed most and carefully plan your steps before moving forward. 

The Heart Chakra – Our Ooey Gooey Center

Our Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra is located at the center of the chest. It’s associated with the color green and is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy. Chakra Info notes that when this chakra is open and in alignment, you may feel deeply connected with harmonious energy exchanges with all those around you. When blocked, you can experience difficulty relating to others, perhaps through excessive jealousy, codependency, or feeling withdrawn. This is the center of your deepest bonds, your sense of caring and compassion, self-love, generosity, kindness and respect. Because this Cancerian Full Moon is asking us to evaluate our relationships, we urge you to take time to ensure that your Heart Chakra is open as you navigate this time period – so we provided a heart-opening ritual for you below!

Full Moon & Heart Chakra Ritual

We found a lovely Full Moon Ritual on Forever Conscious and added a Heart Chakra element to honor the Crab.

Tools you’ll need: 

  • Smudging tool of choice
  • Mortar and pestle or something else for grinding
  • Coffee grounds, cinnamon stick, or a sprig of rosemary
  • 3 small strips of paper and pen
  • Glass jar
  • Water
  • Sea salt
  1. Start by smudging yourself and your surrounding area. Forever Conscious includes a lovely opening prayer that you can use – we dig it, but feel free to use whatever feels appropriate to you. “The year is fresh and new, and I ask to be too. I ask my guides and angels of highest light to cleanse and purify me on this night. Cleanse my mind, my body, and my heart; cleanse me of anything that feels dark. Restore my body and restore my soul, allow me to feel my heart glow. I am radiant, I am strong, I am ready to sing my song. I am cleansed. I am restored. I am destined for so much more. Guide me angels and light beings above, to my highest path, my destiny, and all that is love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
  2. Close your eyes and gently rub your heart center. Observe what comes up as you tune in – notice who and what comes to mind. There could be tears, anger, resentment, or a sense of loss – allow things to come to the surface as they’re coming up for review for a reason. 
  3. Once complete, take some time to reflect on what has come up. Then write down three things (or more!) you’d like release onto the strips of paper you’ve collected. Fold the paper and place them to the side. 
  4. Next, begin to grind your coffee grounds, rosemary, or cinnamon stick in your mortar and pestle. As you do so, imagine you’re releasing and opening your heart chakra. Forever Conscious includes the following prayer: “Each movement opens me and aligns me with the calling of my soul. As I grind these ingredients I feel myself releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go. As I grind these ingredients I feel myself releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go, releasing and letting go.”
  5. When you feel that process is complete, add your strips of paper and a little water and continue grinding as you recite the following affirmation: “I release the past and all that was. I release the fog, the confusion, and the clutter, I release all so I can focus on what truly matters. I let go of these things so I can welcome the new. I honor them for all they have served and trust the timing that the Universe serves. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
  6. Pour the mixture into a glass jar, close the lid and gently shake. As you do so, imagine yourself releasing all that weighs you down and keeps you out of alignment. When you feel that is complete, leave the jar by a window or outside overnight so it catches all these powerful moonbeams to solidify your intention. In the morning, you can pour the contents into a garden or down the drain.

We are so grateful to be a part of your spiritual journey and hope that this ritual helps you release anything else that keeps you from alignment and bliss. To help you start the year (and decade) off right, we’re offering $20 off in-person readings* from now until 1/31. Use the code MOONMADNESS at checkout.

Wishing you a wonderful 2020 filled with joy and abundance! See you soon!

*Sheri and Armando are excluded

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