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Clairvoyant, Psychic

Sheri Brown

Clairvoyant | Tarot | Medium
Sheri is a natural born Emphatic Clairvoyant (Psychic) who can see and hear into the spirit world. Sheri is extremely accurate with her readings. Sheri loves helping others discover the answers they seek and is known for her direct honesty and sparkling sense of humor in her readings. 
Psychic Reader, Tarot, Healer

Adrianna Carter

Clairvoyant | Healer
Adrianna is psychic Sheri Brown’s daughter and has inherited much of her intuitive ability. A gifted channeler, Adrianna gets in contact with your spirit guides to give you direct and honest feedback to help you break patterns and move forward. She is also a Level III Reiki Master and massage therapist.
Clairvoyant, tarot cards

Armando Cisneros

Clairvoyant | Tarot
Armando is natural-born intuitive and healer who has brought his gifts everywhere from Colombia to Atlanta. Known for his very direct but gentle manner, Armando is a genuine, honest, and caring reader who is known for his accuracy and can make any client feel comfortable.

Trey Jackson

Clairvoyant | Medium | Tarot
Trey Jackson is a medium, intuitive coach, and Reiki healer whose mission is to empower others and promote growth for his clients. He is also the author of the channeled work Evergreen, a three book series on waking up to and living as your authentic self. Let Trey guide you on your journey of self-discovery today!
Clairvoyant, Palm Reading

Rocky Yang

Clairvoyant | Palm Reader
Rocky was born with supersensory abilities which allowed him to see, feel, and understand otherworldly phenomenon and read auric fields. A gifted palm reader, Rocky can give insights into a person’s life and help provide spiritual guidance to help on their journey.

Bridgette Hogan

Clairvoyant | Tarot

Bridgette has been an intuitive light worker for over 15 years. Using a combination of channeling and tarot cards, she is known for her accuracy as well as humor, honesty, and heart. Feeling stuck? Let Bridgette help you find the information you seek to move forward today!

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