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The Cosmic Cauldron: Your March 2019 Forecast

Phew! After an expansive February that saw us all making some ch-ch-changes, life slows down again into the softer and more serene energy the number 6. March 2019 is a 6 Universal month, so it holds the space for us to integrate, deepen and grow into our greatness. Self-care is a big theme this month – And while empathetic and caring Pisces season will have you tuned into everyone else’s emotions and concerns if you’re not looking after your own mind, body, and soul, how can you look after anybody else’s? 

Rememner that this kind of behavior ends up serving no one. So beware of over-giving this month. Focus instead on rejuvenating your resources and filling your own cup.

But as just as things seem to be cosmically winding down – uh-oh, it’s happening again…

Mercury goes retrograde on March 5th in Pisce. And while Mercury retrograde brings communication issues every cycle, this month will be especially difficult with Mercury conjunct Chiron. Be on the watch-out for hurtful words include teasing, name-calling and other forms of verbal abuse. This would be a great time to take a social media detox (and maybe rein in your own Twitter fingers!)

The more positive side to Mercury conjunct Chiron is the ability to really listen to people’s problems and understand their pain. Your words may have hurt people in the past but they can heal people now.

Your voice is powerful right now – how will you use it?

Looking at the other astrological aspects of March, the New Moon rises in Pisces on the 2nd, kicking off this lunar cycle in the sign of the fish, who invites us to dive deep below the water into the hidden depths. Holding an energy of supernatural connection and divine insight, this dark lunar time is one of the most potent for divination, so grab those tarot cards and crystals. Now is the perfect time to set intentions for your spiritual growth.

The 14th of this month is Pi Day! Like your annoying cousin, the number Pi is irrational and goes on forever. However, that’s not what makes this number so amazing – Pi describes the ratio of a circle to its diameter. It’s a number that appears everywhere from biology to physics, even though it’s inherently unknowable and we’ll never know its true value. So take a moment to celebrate the mystery of the universe while eating some pie. Best holiday ever.

Next, we’ll kick off the first day of Aries season and the Spring Equinox with a full Supermoon at 0º Libra on the 20th. Just like last month, this lunation brings the potent power of the zero to the cosmic table once more, reminding us that anything is possible. Libra tempers Aries’ hot-headed fire, whilst the cool Full Moon invites in a sense of gratitude and celebration. It’s a day for touching base with yourself and pausing for a moment as the wheel of the astrological year spins. Libra often seeks balance and harmony – take this moment to find yours. But just remember – seeking harmony doesn’t mean losing your voice.

Finally, Mercury goes direct on March 28th and will remain in its shadow until April 16th. The shadow period is all about taking what you learned during the retrograde and applying it to your life. Given all the communication issues during this retrograde period, now is the perfect time to express your insights through compassionate, supportive words and healing hands. Be clear on your needs and open yourself up to mend fences. Let yourself speak from your heart before your mind. Love will always lead you the right way.

Have a few more questions on what March has in store for you? Book a reading or healing session with one our talented practitioners anytime – we’re here to help you on your journey. See you soon!

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