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The Cosmic Cauldron: Your February 2019 Forecast

Do you feel as if you’re sliding into a winter slump? Don’t worry – February is here to wake you up! A 5 Universal Month in Numerology, it’s a time for expansion, adventure, and busting through more than a few glass ceilings! Are you ready to do things a little differently? Are you willing to actually receive what you’ve been asking the Universe to provide? It may feel a little scary or unsettling, but a 5 Universal Month comes to carry you through necessary change in order to upgrade your life.

Surrender to the transformation – it’s always for your highest good. 

Looking at the astrological aspects of February, the New Moon rises in Aquarius on the 4th, kicking off this lunar cycle in the sign of the water bearer. A triple dose of this air sign’s energy (Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all conjunct at this lunation) could trip you up over your own thoughts, so take extra care of your mental health around now. Unplug. Ground into some exercise. Set intentions for the month with the greater good in mind.

The 18th of this month sees the Sun enter Pisces, the last sign on the mandala of our zodiac. Pisces season means life could get a little dreamy, as we’re all washed out onto the sea of the subconscious and it gets harder to discern fact from fiction. And watch those empathy dials – Pisces is also known to get lost in a world of (other people’s) feelings.

Finally, we’ll embrace the energy of release and surrender through a full Supermoon at 0º Virgo on the 19th. This extra-potent lunation will illuminate the details – Virgo always brings a critical eye to the skies, so this could feel a lot like life’s laid bare on the operating table! But Virgo’s mutable quality is all about action, so expect increased energy and the urge to organize, streamline and optimize everything! Time to channel your inner Marie Kondo! 

Following the last intense Lunar Eclipse in January, this Full Moon reminds us that in order to have that new beginning that we crave, to truly do things different (as February is asking us to do), we’re going to have to really step out our comfort zone. We can’t become the people we’re meant to if we keep hanging on to the person we thought we were supposed to be. But if you feel like you need a little extra help with all those changes, don’t worry – we got your back! Book a reading or healing session with one our talented practitioners anytime – we’re here to help you on your journey. See you soon!

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