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always need a psychic

Why should I get a psychic reading?

If you are seeking spiritual advice about a situation in your life, then a psychic reading can help you gain the clarity and insight necessary to help move forward. We also have several mediums who can also connect with friends and loved ones on the Other Side to help provide closure. If you are looking to change a habit or clear an emotional block, we suggest hypnotherapy or energy healing instead.

How long of a reading do I need?

We recommend 15-minute readings if you wish to explore a single, specific question and 30-minute readings if you are looking for general life reading. If you are undergoing major life changes and need to make crucial decisions, we recommend a 60-minute reading so we can delve deeply into those topics.

Do you offer phone readings? What about walk-in appointments?

Yes, our readers are available by phone or in-person. Some practitioners even take phone appointments as late as 8 PM. We do not currently take walk-in appointments. 

What are your rates and prices?

Rates can be found per each service under their respective ‘Book Now’ link. Alternatively, you can click here for the full price list for all services.

Do you offer a free question or guarantee?

We understand that you may have a hesitation before booking a session. In addition, not all practitioners and clients connect with each other. We do not offer a free question at Clarity & Insight, however, if after 5 minutes you aren’t satisfied, simply stop your session and request a refund or another practitioner. We will be happy to assist you. However, we do not give refunds after the session is completed. 

Do I have to pay in advance for my session?

Yes, we require payment in advance for a booking a session. Our practitioners are typically only come into the office for their appointments, thus to respect their time and guarantee your appointment slot, we require payment up-front. If you would like to pay in cash, please call the office (1-877-833-5883) and special arrangements can be made.

Are in-person readings more accurate?

An intuitive reader is able to equally connect to the energy of a person or situation whether they are in-person or over the phone. It is whatever works best for the client.

Do I need to have a specific question for my reading?

Having an intention for your session greatly improves the quality of your reading. Having a few direct questions helps our readers go straight to the issue for you,  saving precious time (especially during shorter sessions). An example of a direct question is, “How is my relationship with my spouse going?” Generally, asking about life areas are sufficient for a quality reading. An example of a general question is, “How is my career looking?”  Again, this will allow the reader to go straight to the issue and give you of the information you are looking for. If you prefer not to ask questions, we recommend at least an hour session. 

Is personal information kept confidential?

Yes! Like any therapist, we adhere to patient confidentiality policies. All information discussed during an intuitive service is kept confidential.

If a reader sees something in my future, can I change it?

Yes, a reader is simply picking up on the energies around you and how events will occur if things stay on the current course. There is always a free will and you can use the insights from your session to help you change direction. Many issues are avoidable with a conscious approach and our readers always invite our clients to be active participants in shaping their lives. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Clients can cancel or reschedule their own appointments online up to 3 hours before their appointment time. Within the 3 hour window, clients must call the office (877-833-5883). Cancellations within 3 hours are handled on a case by case basis and may be subject to a cancellation fee (up to 50% of the appointment cost). There are generally no fees to reschedule an appointment. No-shows will be billed the full amount. Late clients are not guaranteed their full appointment time. 

Do you offer refunds?

Not all practitioners and clients connect with each other. It can happen and we understand. However, if after 5 minutes you aren’t satisfied, simply stop your session and request a refund or another practitioner. We will be happy to assist you. However, we do not give refunds after the session is completed. 

When is an intuitive service not appropriate?

An intuitive service, whether it is a reading, energy healing, massage, or hypnotherapy, is not a substitute for medical treatment or a physician’s care. Any health issues should be discussed with your doctor. An intuitive service can encompass a great deal of information at one time: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. They cannot and should not be used for emergency situations. 

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